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Nutritious home-cooked meals you can trust.

Welcome to HowToCook.recipes! If you’re looking for ways to make delicious and nutritious meals without processed junk that your kids will actually eat, you’re in the right place. Simple recipes, simple and pure ingredients, and a whole lot of fun in every one, they’ve all been tested and re-tested over and over to make sure you have something to go with your heaping side of love!

Hi! I’m Megan Miller, and I’ve got a confession to make…

I can’t live without coffee, or the snooze button. I live in Northern California with my husband, our 2 kids (Nolan age 6 and Nora age 2, the pickiest eating years of all), plus our fun-loving Maltipoo, Dubie, who eagerly assists me with cleaning the floors when the kids drop food.

I’m definitely passionate about cooking though I love going to the lake with my husband and kids. I’ve also started a campaign for picking up LEGOS before I step on them because, well, if you have LEGOS around your house, you KNOW what I mean! Ouch!

To help curb the pain of stepping on LEGOS and other tiny little toys I didn’t see before stepping on them, wine is my other soulmate. Paired with chocolate and chick flicks, it is my ideal way to spend time to myself.

I’m hugely into Christmas. Ok, you might say I’m obsessed but I LOVE spending time with my family and friends and making all kinds of delicious treats. All the Christmas movies, the cheer…did I mention the food? Yeah, I just love it all.

Perhaps that’s why I love to cook so much though. My mom and I would cook together when I was young, especially during Christmas. And my dad and I would get a new ornament to add to the tree. If it could be Christmas every day, I’d never complain. Well, unless you sent me to Cabo San Lucas. It’s my favorite vacation spot and I simply can’t wait to get back to that beautiful place!

Why I Started HowToCook.Recipes

I was once a kindergarten teacher, but now I work as a nurse part-time and am of course a full-time mom. I love being in the kitchen but that become even more of a priority when I saw how much processed yuck was out there in our foods. In nursing, you learn a great deal about nutrition. I was extremely concerned because there is some scary information out there about processed food.

The more I dug into it, the more alarmed I became. But I also grew very determined to give my kids the best nutrition without making them do wheatgrass shots or something. That’s why here, you’ll find good-for-you-foods in recipes that everyone will want second helpings of. They’re all homecooked, all handcrafted recipes that have won the seal of approval by my picky kids, and they have no gross processed goop in them so you can feel good about serving them to family and friends every time.

Healthy homecooked meals you can trust.

Come back and see me often for new recipes that are simple both in method as well as ingredients to keep you and your family healthy and satisfied. We’re about to be besties here!

For any questions or comments, please click below to contact me. I’d be delighted to hear from you. You can also follow me on social media (click below for that fun too)! And if you sign up for emails, you won’t miss out when life goes crazy and you forget to check for new recipes.


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