The Biggest Agricultural Export of Every U.S. State

The United States is known for being a major exporter of agricultural products. In fact, the U.S. is the largest exporter of agricultural products in the world! The country’s agricultural exports hit a record high in 2021, with food and farm products totaling $177 billion in sales. From soybeans and produce to livestock, the U.S.’s agricultural exports are a significant contributor to the economy.

But what are the biggest agricultural exports in each U.S. state? Looking at data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can show us the agricultural product with the highest export value in all 50 states. Check out this map from How To Cook Recipes.

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The Biggest Agricultural Export of Every U.S. State

What Are the Biggest Agricultural Exports in Every State?

Based on the most recent available data from the USDA, these are the biggest agricultural exports in every state along with their export values measured in millions of dollars:

State Top Export Export Value (Millions of Dollars)
Alabama Broiler meat 340.3
Alaska Other plant products 12.8
Arizona Processed vegetables 256.5
Arkansas Soybeans 977.0
California Tree nuts 7,757.9
Colorado Beef and veal 462.5
Connecticut Other plant products 215.9
Delaware Broiler meat 99.4
Florida Other plant products 1,673.3
Georgia Cotton 797.0
Hawaii Other plant products 175.8
Idaho Other plant products 484.6
Illinois Soybeans 3,623.9
Indiana Soybeans 2,006.4
Iowa Soybeans 3,339.0
Kansas Soybeans 1,243.1
Kentucky Soybeans 582.3
Louisiana Other plant products 406.4
Maine Other plant products 106.1
Maryland Other plant products 196.5
Massachusetts Other plant products 153.5
Michigan Other plant products 692.6
Minnesota Soybeans 2,109.1
Mississippi Soybeans 670.6
Missouri Soybeans 1,715.8
Montana Wheat 787.8
Nebraska Soybeans 1,907.3
Nevada Beef and veal 36.3
New Hampshire Other plant products 50.7
New Jersey Other plant products 449.0
New Mexico Dairy products 209.9
New York Other plant products 501.6
North Carolina Pork 769.5
North Dakota Soybeans 1,106.9
Ohio Soybeans 1,615.3
Oklahoma Pork 369.8
Oregon Other plant products 1,042.0
Pennsylvania Other plant products 701.1
Rhode Island Other plant products 19.7
South Carolina Other plant products 193.0
South Dakota Soybeans 1,209.0
Tennessee Soybeans 500.9
Texas Cotton 1,702.2
Utah Other plant products 119.7
Vermont Other plant products 81.0
Virginia Other plant products 280.1
Washington Fresh fruits 779.8
West Virginia Other plant products 51.8
Wisconsin Dairy products 915.8
Wyoming Beef and veal 107.5

“Other plant products,” a term that the USDA uses to include sweeteners, other horticulture products, planting seeds, cocoa, coffee, and other processed foods, are the biggest agricultural export in 22 different states. Of the states that have other plant products as their biggest export, Florida tops the list at $1.67 billion in export value.

The next most common agricultural export in the United States is soybeans. They’re one of the U.S.’s major exports and are the top export in terms of dollar value in 14 different states.

What Is the U.S.’s Biggest Export in Terms of Agriculture?

In 2021, the biggest agricultural export in the United States overall was soybeans, resulting in $27.37 billion in export value. These are the U.S.’s biggest exports in the agricultural sector:

  1. Soybeans: $27.37 billion
  2. Corn: $18.72 billion
  3. Beef: $10.58 billion
  4. Tree nuts: $8.88 billion
  5. Pork: $8.11 billion
  6. Dairy products: $7.66 billion
  7. Wheat: $7.24 billion
  8. Fruits and vegetables (fresh, processed, and juices combined): $6.29 billion
  9. Cotton: $5.71 billion
  10. Poultry products: $5.25 billion

China, Mexico, and Canada account for the majority of the U.S.’s agricultural exports. Those three countries alone are responsible for nearly 49% of the country’s agricultural exports. The USDA says that China’s purchases account for $33 billion of the U.S.’s export value in this sector. The majority of these purchases were soybeans. The U.S. shipped more than $14 billion worth of soybeans to China in 2021. Corn was also a big purchase for China, as they paid $5.1 billion for corn. This is up from $1.22 billion in 2020.

Mexico is the country with the second-highest amount of agricultural purchases from the U.S. Mexico’s purchases in 2021 amounted to $25.72 billion, which was up nearly 40% from 2020. Corn purchases increased 76% since 2020 and amounted to $4.7 billion.

The third-biggest purchaser of the U.S.’s agricultural products is Canada. Canada bought $25.05 billion worth of agricultural products from the United States in 2021.

Since we’re the biggest agricultural exporter in the world, it’s clear that many countries rely on the U.S. to make classic recipes like beef stew and fried chicken.


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