Photo & Recipe Use Policies

We created the recipes you see on for this website only. We are passionate about cooking and each recipe is a labor of love that takes many hours to develop. The resulting dish is our unique artistic expression. The entire process involves the testing of many different ingredients, cooking techniques and equipment. Once we have our dish, we need  professional photographs and video taken in addition to proper editing, this involves even more time. If you are interested in sharing our recipes, please respect and follow our guidelines provided.

Round Ups

For bloggers putting together a Round Up, we would be happy to be included. You are welcome to use a photo as long as you provide a link. Please notify us once it’s published so that we’ll be able to share your Round Up with our readers in Pinterest. In case you’re not sure, you are not allowed to mention the ingredients or provide the directions on your blog.

Legal Guidelines

We would be thrilled to have you share our recipes. However, that does not mean you are permitted to copy and paste them. We do not allow anyone to copy and paste an entire recipe of ours on their website or social media. There are no exceptions to this rule. Also, you may not crop off or otherwise conceal our watermark or add your own text to any of our photos.

We are happy for you to post a photo of one of our dishes on Facebook as long as you provide a direct link to our recipe. We ask that you not post the ingredients or directions on Facebook, and this includes on FB pages or in FB groups.

We are happy for you to use the “share” button found on our web pages on our How to Cook Facebook Page in order to share a link to one of our recipes. You are NOT PERMITTED to copy and paste the recipe, ingredient list or directions into the shared post.

Recreating Our Recipes

If you want to recreating one of my recipes to share on your blog, we are happy to let you do that.

But you must do the following:

  1. If you want to list our ingredients as we’ve written them, we are happy to let you do so.
  2. You must rewrite our directions using your own words. Remember that this will be read on your blog, so your readers expect to hear from you, not us. Use your own words.
  3. You must also provide a link back to our original recipe, otherwise Google may consider it duplicate content.
  4. And most importantly, DO NOT use our photograph, you must take your own!


You are NOT PERMITTED to take our recipes without written permission. Remember, you cannot legally copy and paste our recipes or reproduce them on your blog and/or on Facebook without violating copyright laws and Facebook’s terms and conditions.