Cooking Basics for Beginners

Whether you are a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, there’s always something new you can learn. For beginner cooks, the kitchen can be an intimidating place. There’s a lot of tools and cooking terminology you may not understand. There’s also open flames, sharp knives and very hot dishes; if you’re not careful, you could get hurt. It’s important to learn about basic cooking and kitchen safety before you dive into the culinary world. Make sure you also take the time to learn about safe food handling and proper food storage; you can get very sick if you’re not careful!

The world of cooking is fun and delicious! Everyone has their favorite dish, mine is my meatloaf recipe. Take the time to learn about beginning cooking and kitchen safety below!

Cooking and Kitchen Safety

Cooking Terms

Food Handling and Food Safety

Food Storage

Kitchen Necessities

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