Nutrition for Kids: Games, Activities & Printable Lesson Plans

Nutrition is extremely important to our overall health. This is especially imperative when it comes to kids, since they are in the early stages of physical development, and they need to have healthy and strong bodies. Getting the right nutrition each and every day will help to ensure that our children are healthy, well, and happy. Every child should have a diet that includes protein (like meatloaf), fiber, calcium and other essential nutrients. Parents and teachers can help kids learn about proper nutrition and health through education. The following websites will help ensure that kids learn about getting the right nutrition they need to stay healthy.

Online Activities & Games

  • The Amazing Food Detective – An interactive game for kids of all ages that educates on the importance of nutrition and how it affects the body.
  • Fueling My Healthy Life – This teacher multimedia resource portal has sample food lesson plans, interactive games and digital badges for students to earn!
  • The Food Museum – A fun a website that has videos, exhibits, and interactive games relating to food.
  • Blast Off Game – Students needs to fuel their rocket man with the proper food and physical activity for them to reach space!
  • Step To It – Kids will use a pedometer, record their steps and learn how making small changes in physical activity can lead to big health changes.
  • Videos & Songs – Choose My Plate – Watch these educational videos and learn these healthy habit songs for a better understanding of nutrition.
  • Nutrition Websites For Kids and Teens – A nice selection of online nutrition games for kids and teens of all ages.
  • Healthy Habits Game – PBS Kids had put together a collection of online games related to health and nutrition. From proper cooking techniques and safety to how to wash hands, there’s a video here for every health and nutrition topic!
  • The Interactive Playground – The National Agricultural Library has put together a collection of interactive websites relating to nutrition. From BMI calculators to food safety quizzes, there’s something on here for everyone!
  • 10 Fun Nutrition Games for Kids – A collection of fun ideas for teaching kids about food and nutrition.
  • Activities to Promote Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity Habits Among Children – A collection of activities compiled by nutrition specialists and doctors.

Printable Activities and Lesson Plans

WebQuests and Miscellaneous Health and Nutrition Websites

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